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Founder & CEO of Avid Realty Partners. Craig has been an active real estate investor for nearly 20 years, and founded Avid Realty Partners in 2015 to deploy capital across Multifamily Apartment and other real estate assets. Avid Realty Partners’ portfolio includes the acquisition of more than 2,000 apartment and hotel doors in targeted growth markets across the US totaling over $275M of acquisition value. The firm has zero realized losses with a 33.0% IRR (weighted average) across six exited deals.

Inflation Surges Beyond FED’s Expectations: A Deeper Dive into Interest Rates and Economic Forecasts

August CPI Report Insights The August Consumer Price Index (CPI) data highlighted a more pronounced inflation than the Federal Reserve (FED) anticipated. The current trajectory suggests a sustained period [...]

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Inflation’s Uphill Battle: Oil, Rent, and the Fed’s Tightrope Walk in 2023

September 2023 Inflation Status Check Recent setbacks in Energy, Rent, and overall Headline PPI have placed the Fed in a tight spot, making the likelihood of "higher for longer" [...]

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Navigating the 2023 Multifamily Real Estate Maze: Why Deals are Tougher Than Ever!

2023 is indeed a very challenging time to get multifamily real estate deals done. Here is our Top 10 List for why this is the case:   1) Interest [...]

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Inflation Showdown: The Mid-Year Reality of Wages, Rents and the Disinflation Breakthrough

We continue to see signs that the US economy has mostly beaten inflation, and we expect to see continued good news roll in on this front in a two-steps [...]

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It’s Raining Jobs, So the Fed’s Wrecking Ball will Keep Wrecking for Now

On July 6, 2023, ADP released their monthly private payroll job information. The private sector added 497,000 jobs in June 2023, more than expected, led by gains in the [...]

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Why Multifamily Fundamentals Are Still Standing Strong, Despite the Choppier Waters

Multifamily fundamentals have been choppier than in the past few years but are still solid overall. As we continue to search for our next multifamily acquisition in a great [...]

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Investors’ Guide to Navigating Higher Rates: Understanding the Fed’s Inaction

Ever had the feeling of anticipation when waiting for an important announcement? It's like being a kid again, waiting for your grades to be posted. That's how the world [...]

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