Why Invest with Avid Realty Partners?

Avid Offers Strong Competitive Advantages versus other real estate investment firms:

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World Class Team

Our firm was founded by a multi-award-winning Wall Street equities analyst. Our experienced team brings best-in-class accounting, analytics, asset management, and institutional sophistication to Commercial Real Estate investing. Over time, this translates into outsized Alpha for our Investors.

Experts in Sunbelt Metros

Our investment focus is on high growth sunbelt markets like Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, and Phoenix. Population growth tends to be faster in these secondary & tertiary cities, thus allowing for higher investment returns. We have team members and preferred management companies located in some of these locations to assist us in ramping and scaling projects.

investment opportunities in real estate
investment opportunities in real estate

Effectively Manage Risk

We utilize various active risk mitigation processes and a hands-on approach to asset management to ensure consistent property performance. Our Team has substantial expertise improving operations and implementing value-add projects.

Operate with the highest levels of Ethics and Integrity

As a trusted advisor, we are committed to delivering outstanding service with a high level of transparency and integrity. We are proud of our reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable partner.

investment opportunities in real estate
investment opportunities in real estate

Source and Underwrite 1000 deals to buy one deal

Our acquisition team evaluates thousands of opportunities annually and we invest in a disciplined manner in a low percentage of such opportunities. We intensely analyze each property’s rent structure, track record, competitive market, physical condition, and value-add improvement potential to identify compelling risk/reward opportunities.

Fee Structure is Aligned with Investor Returns

We charge low fees and make our money by creating long-term appreciation and delivering consistent cash flows. We minimize fees and align our promote structure so we only make money when our Investors make money.

investment opportunities in real estate