Fed Interest Rates

Inflation Showdown: The Mid-Year Reality of Wages, Rents and the Disinflation Breakthrough

We continue to see signs that the US economy has mostly beaten inflation, and we expect to see continued good news roll in on this front in a two-steps [...]

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It’s Raining Jobs, So the Fed’s Wrecking Ball will Keep Wrecking for Now

On July 6, 2023, ADP released their monthly private payroll job information. The private sector added 497,000 jobs in June 2023, more than expected, led by gains in the [...]

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Investors’ Guide to Navigating Higher Rates: Understanding the Fed’s Inaction

Ever had the feeling of anticipation when waiting for an important announcement? It's like being a kid again, waiting for your grades to be posted. That's how the world [...]

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