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Avid Realty Partners is a Real Estate Investment Platform.

Avid Realty Partners proudly provides safe and secure housing that positively impacts our Residents’ Quality of Life, while generating personal fulfillment, professional growth, and meaningful wealth for our Investor-Partners and Team Members.

We offer a variety of investment products including deal-by-deal limited partner opportunities, a high yielding promissory note, and other products. Contact us for our most current investment opportunities.

  • Markets our track record since the firm’s founding in 2015
  • Funnels qualified investor leads to us and our Investor Management team members
  • Allows us to push out proprietary content and display our knowledge/credibility
  • Engages a broader community of those who wish to invest in multifamily deals as well as sub-groups of publish our proprietary market information created by our Founder & CEO who is a former institutional Wall Street analyst for 15 years
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Avid Realty Partners’ management team spent years on Wall Street analyzing highly volatile investment products, riding the economic cycles, managing risk, and developing an institutional mindset. We utilize these skills daily to acquire the highest quality and best priced real estate assets in our real estate business so we can deliver for our Investor-Partners.

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Our Competitive Advantages

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World-Class Analytics

Avid Realty Partners was founded by a multi award-winning Wall Street equities analyst. We bring high-powered analytics, risk management, and institutional sophistication to commercial real estate investing.

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Ethics and Integrity

We embed Radical Integrity into everything we do every single day. This starts with taking care of our Assets, letting this flow up to our Residents, and forming a positive feedback loop for our Investor-Partners. We develop long term relationships with our Investor-Partners and maintain outstanding service levels. We strive to win for our Investor-Partners, and to create a memorable and positive environment for our Residents and Employees.

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Risk Management

We strive to mitigate and manage risk and we take a hands-on approach with our multifamily properties and our staff. We are actively engaged and work hard to maximize our overall success.

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Secondary and Tertiary Multifamily Real Estate Experts

We focus almost exclusively on multifamily real estate in growth markets such as Houston, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Phoenix (avoiding overpriced markets). Project cap-rates are typically higher and population growth tends to be faster in these cities and we have partners in each of these locations.

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Attractive Fee Structure

We charge low fees as we earn our money through cash flow and property appreciation. We keep our overhead low to be able to charge lower fees to our partners compared with our competitors.


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