Craig Berger

The Founder & CEO of Avid Realty Partners, Craig Berger, started his career at Intel in the Corporate Finance Department where he was responsible for accounting, driving forecasting cycles, and working to maximize cash return metrics. At intel, Craig garnered industry perspective and learned how large firms are run. Craig moved on to spend a decade on Wall Street as a highly acclaimed equity research analyst at Smith Barney Citigroup and FBR Capital Markets.

He serviced leading hedge and mutual fund clients, won multiple awards, and was one of CNBC’s go-to semiconductor market experts with over 75 TV appearances.Utilizing his analytical expertise, Craig also provided consulting services to technology startups on market strategy, and acted in CFO and capital raising roles. He continues to be Angel Investor for startups including investments in and

Craig has always been fascinated by the similarities between Wall Street investment strategy and investing in Multifamily properties, finding value that others missed. Craig has been an active real estate investor for 15 years and was determined to start a business where his unwavering work ethic would produce positive change and a meaningful difference for our residents, our investors, and our partners. Avid Realty Partners was founded in 2015 to seek out and invest in Multifamily and Triple Net assets. Avid typically buys existing assets with value-add opportunities, and occasionally develops new projects. At the Company’s inception Craig led all property sourcing, underwriting, due diligence, fundraising, and development activities. In addition, he oversaw the asset management, investor relations and accounting functions. With the continuing growth of Avid’s operations and acquisition activities, Craig has recruited a highly experienced leadership team of real estate executives with decades in industry experience supported by a dedicated professional team.

Avid Realty’s portfolio has grown meaningfully in recent years and currently includes over 1,200 apartment units in targeted growth markets across the US including Texas and Louisiana. Avid Realty Partners is actively seeking well located and productive Multifamily properties and Net Lease assets, and continues to build long-term portfolio supported by a large diversified investor base.

Core Values

Fed Raises Rates

Everything we do starts and ends with integrity, and it is our most important company value. From how we treat our Investor Partners, to maximizing our Residents’ quality of life, and including how we underwrite and assess investment opportunities, integrity is our company bedrock.

Value Identification and Creation

As an organization, one of our principle objectives is to identify and create value, delivering strong risk-adjusted returns to our Investor partners. We achieve this objective in a myriad of ways including via an aggressive bidding process, by seeing growth opportunities that others may not see (with the help of big data), by focusing on peak property performance, and by managing risk throughout the process. At the end of the day, our company’s strong average IRR track record and zero realized losses speak volumes.

Top Flight Property Execution

Our value creation and investment integrity are enabled via our top-flight property execution. This includes maximizing our Residents’ living experience, which feeds back into our property performance with stronger revenues and less Resident turnover. We want our Residents to be happy, healthy, safe, and secure, and we continuously monitor management metrics to ensure our Team is delivering gold-standard property execution.

Operate with Compassion and Respect for all of our Stakeholders

Compassion and Respect are fundamental to how we treat our Assets, Residents, Employee team members, Investor Partners, and the Communities in which we operate. Having an understanding for Residents’ unique situations is part of this. We work to maximize stakeholder value, which we believe creates a long-term positive feedback loop for our Investor partners and our organization. Being a good community citizen is important, and is something we actively focus on to help us continuously operate with Compassion and Respect for all of those around us.

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