Careers at Avid Realty Partners

At Avid, we don’t just think about recruitment; we invest in career building and hands-on training. Our objective is to recognize talent, respect hard work, and reward success. The cornerstone of everything we do is our commitment to Radical Integrity.

Our employees are integral to the firm’s culture of integrity, professionalism and dedication.

At Avid, we look to attract and retain the brightest minds in the real estate industry, hiring team members with a diversity of experience. The Team’s passion for real estate and commitment to our investors have helped Avid to become a highly respected real estate investment firm and a trusted partner for high net worth and family offices.

Our Most Valuable Asset

Operating as a small team, everyone at Avid is a valuable asset. Team members are very analytical and dig deep to find unique investment opportunities. We value entrepreneurial energy and sharing of experience and ideas.

The Employer of Choice

We hire skills, traits, and talent rather than just filling roles based on a set career path.

Remote Work and Team Integration

Avid operates as a fully remote team with both domestic and international staff members. The team interacts constantly using the phone and video conferencing.

Company Culture

Avid Realty Partners’ culture is driven by our commitment to our investors and partners. As owners and managers of multifamily properties, we focus on achieving superior operating results by utilizing industry best practices and implementing value-add projects. Our company culture promotes creative solutions, embraces out-of-the-box thinking, and is driven by these key principals:


We have a reputation for finding complex multifamily real estate opportunities, and adding creative solutions that generate long-term returns for our investors.


The Avid team is specialized, has access to private capital, and brings industry-leading expertise in property investment, development and asset management.


We have developed a well-deserved reputation as a valued partner to brokers, investors, lenders, property managers, and especially to our tenants.


All Team members are invested in the long-term success of the firm. We treat every hour of every day not as an employee doing a job, but rather as an owner that recognizes our actions are not about just completing a task, but rather how is this task going to make us better.

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