Careers at Avid Realty Partners

At Avid Realty Partners, we invest in our team members through knowledge development, career building, and hands-on training. We recognize talent, respect hard work, and reward success. Our team members have the grit and determination to win. Radical Integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do every single day.

Our Team Members are key to the firm’s culture of integrity, professionalism and dedication.

At Avid Realty Partners, we look to attract and retain the smartest and most dedicated people in the real estate industry, hiring team members with a diversity of experience. Our Team’s desire to win, our passion for real estate, and our commitment to our Investor-Partners have propelled the firm into a trusted partner for Institutions, Family Offices, and High Net Worth investors across the spectrum.

Our Most Valuable Asset

As a small team, everyone at Avid Realty Partners has the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our growth process. We value entrepreneurial energy, a bright attitude, smart decision making, a strong work ethic, and the sharing of experiences and ideas.

The Employer of Choice

We hire skills, traits, and talent rather than just filling roles based on a set career path.

Remote Work and Team Integration

Avid Realty Partners operates as a fully remote Team with both domestic and international staff members. We believe that the ‘right person in the right seat’ is more important than where a Team Member is located. We interact constantly using video conferencing, the phone, and other internal communication channels.

Company Culture

Avid Realty Partners’ culture is driven by our multi-faceted commitments to our Investor-Partners, our property Residents, our corporate Team Members, and the communities in which we operate. As owners and managers of Peoples’ homes (multifamily properties), we feel the obligation and responsibility to provide safe, secure, comfortable housing at a fair price. Our company culture is centered around Radical Integrity, extreme Property-level execution, Identifying value at purchase of properties, and treating all Stakeholders with compassion and respect:

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Radical Integrity

Everything we do starts and ends with integrity, and it is our most important company value. From how we treat our Investor-Partners, to maximizing our Residents’ quality of life, and including how we underwrite and assess investment opportunities, integrity is our company bedrock.

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Top Flight Property Execution

Our value creation and investment integrity are enabled via our top-flight property execution. This includes maximizing our Residents’ living experience, which feeds back into our property performance with stronger revenues and less Resident turnover. We want our Residents to be happy, healthy, safe, and secure, and we continuously monitor management metrics to ensure our Team is delivering gold-standard property execution.

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Value Identification and Creation

As an organization, one of our principle objectives is to identify and create value, delivering strong risk-adjusted returns to our Investor partners. We achieve this objective in a myriad of ways including via an aggressive bidding process, by seeing growth opportunities that others may not see (with the help of big data), by focusing on peak property performance, and by managing risk throughout the process. At the end of the day, our company’s strong average IRR track record and zero realized losses speak volumes.

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Operate with Compassion and Respect for all of our Stakeholders

Compassion and Respect are fundamental to how we treat our Assets, Residents, Employee team members, Investor Partners, and the Communities in which we operate. Having an understanding for Residents’ unique situations is part of this. We work to maximize stakeholder value, which we believe creates a long-term positive feedback loop for our Investor partners and our organization. Being a good community citizen is important, and is something we actively focus on to help us continuously operate with Compassion and Respect for all of those around us.

multifamily commercial real estate


We have a reputation for finding complex multifamily real estate opportunities, and adding creative solutions that generate long-term returns for our investors.

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The Avid team is specialized, has access to private capital, and brings industry-leading expertise in property investment, development and asset management.

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We have developed a well-deserved reputation as a valued partner to brokers, investors, lenders, property managers, and especially to our tenants.

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All Team members are invested in the long-term success of the firm. We treat every hour of every day not as an employee doing a job, but rather as an owner that recognizes our actions are not about just completing a task, but rather how is this task going to make us better.

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