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Founded by a multi-award-winning Wall Street equities analyst, Avid Realty Partners brings high-powered analytics, risk management, and institutional sophistication to Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Current Investment Opportunities

Investors looking for income, total yield, and stability of payment should consider Avid Realty Partners’ 10.0% Promissory Note. The Avid Realty Partners’ Promissory Note pays 10.0% annually, with distributions paid each and every month in full. The Avid Realty Partners 10.0% Promissory note is different from other funds you hear advertised because it is backed by Avid’s Corporate Guarantee, and therefore has payment priority ahead of the firm’s carried interest promote positions in each of its investment properties. This puts you ahead of Avid Realty’s owners in a preferential and more risk adverse position than traditional common equity, which is last to get paid.
Review multifamily real estate projects to find the best direct investment opportunity for you. Contact us and our investment team will reach out to you shortly.

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