13 07, 2023

It’s Raining Jobs, So the Fed’s Wrecking Ball will Keep Wrecking for Now

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On July 6, 2023, ADP released their monthly private payroll job information. The private sector added 497,000 jobs in June 2023, more than expected, led by gains in the [...]

1 07, 2023

Why Multifamily Fundamentals Are Still Standing Strong, Despite the Choppier Waters

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Multifamily fundamentals have been choppier than in the past few years but are still solid overall. As we continue to search for our next multifamily acquisition in a great [...]

22 06, 2023

Investors’ Guide to Navigating Higher Rates: Understanding the Fed’s Inaction

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Ever had the feeling of anticipation when waiting for an important announcement? It's like being a kid again, waiting for your grades to be posted. That's how the world [...]

9 06, 2023

The Superiority of Multifamily Real Estate Investing: How it Stands Out from Other Investments

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  Multifamily properties stand as a powerful contender within the realm of real estate investments. This article aims to unearth the unique benefits and characteristics that distinguish multifamily real [...]

14 11, 2018

Selecting the Right Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm

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Today's savvy investor knows they must invest their money wisely, invest conscientiously and choose a project that maximizes wealth. Investing in commercial real estate is one way to maximize wealth [...]

31 10, 2018

Tips for Finding a Reputable Real Estate Investment Firm in Dallas

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When you are searching for an investment property, you want only the best real estate investment firm in Dallas in your corner. That's why you need to find a firm [...]

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