When you are an investor, the commercial side of real estate can be quite appealing. However, it’s important to remember investing in commercial real estate in NYC is different than investing in residential real estate. With that in mind, read on for a few of the top things you should know and consider when deciding whether to invest in commercial real estate.

Everything Takes a Little Longer

When compared with investing in residential real estate, everything to do with investing in commercial real estate in NYC takes longer. Not only does finding new tenants take longer, but the rebuilding and cleaning times are typically extended as well. However, leases are longer so you will recoup money you spent faster and if you have the patience to wait for these things, commercial real estate investments can be lucrative.

Always Avoid Failing Businesses

If you are looking at a bar, grocery stores or even restaurants to invest in, you want to avoid failing business models. Look out for businesses that aren’t successful, no matter how much of a great investment they may look like. If they are failing, it’s usually for a reason and you don’t want to find out when it’s too late.

Go Into It Expecting to Take an Active Role

Investing in commercial real estate means you need to take an active role in the businesses you invest in. You want to be around and available to ensure the business is not only bringing in money, but doing things the right way as well.

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