Avid Realty Partners Proudly Celebrates its Two-Year Anniversary; Begins Market Updates

Celebrating Our Two Year Anniversary. Avid Realty Partners, a diversified Real Estate Investment and Development company investing in MFU Apartments and Hotels, is proud to announce its two-year anniversary. Co-Founded by Craig Berger and David Cummings and partnering with many other talented individuals along the way, our firm is focused on providing outstanding Customer Experiences at a good value, enabling our employees to succeed, and delivering strong risk-managed returns to our investors. We look forward to celebrating many more successful projects and anniversaries together with you in the future.

Beginning our Market Research effort. In keeping with Craig Berger’s well-documented history of producing detailed Research, we will begin to release Commercial Realty and Macro focused research periodically — some of it created and analyzed by us, and some of it sourced from other leading firms. This is data that we look at regularly to help us make market and investment decisions, and we thought it would be a value-add to format it and share it with you as interesting updates become available. Download our Free MFU Apartment trends analysis here.

  • Apartment market fundamentals remain solid, but broader economic risks remain. In short, we believe Apartment market fundamentals remain solid but do still depend on broader economic and consumer-driven trends that would weaken during an economic downturn. On the positive side, Rental Vacancy Rates are attractive compared to long-term trends, and Rental Rate increases have been substantial (but should level off), driving robust profits. For the negatives, new Apartment supply is ramping meaningfully following very low build rates during and after the Great Recession (2010-2012), thus driving risks to Vacancy Rates and Rental Rate growth (though much of this supply is Class A apartments and not Class B/C). Also, we see high per-door Apartment prices as the biggest risk to investing in apartments at the present time, though strong cash flow properties can still be sourced and should allow most investors to ride out any economic soft spots.

Ramping Crowdfunding Effort via Meetup.com Platform. Recently, Avid Realty Partners began to build out its Crowdfunding Platform. While this effort is in its early and formative days, we intend to Crowdsource deals, analysis, and capital to pursue the most attractive MFU Apartment and Hotel opportunities in the market. Join our Commercial Realty Investment Club if you would like to participate in analyzing and investing in sizable commercial realty projects. If you have a deal you would like to pursue as the Project Sponsor, reach out to us with deal specifics here.

We seek Accredited Investors and Off-Market Properties. As always, we seek attractive off-market opportunities in both the MFU Apartment and Hotel spaces. If you have any such opportunities, please contact us. Also, if you are an accredited investor interested in reviewing some of our current deals, just let us know.

Thank you for your time and attention, and have a great rest of the week

— Craig and Dave

Craig Berger, CFA CPA
Co-Founder, Avid Realty Partners
Delivering Outstanding Customer Experiences and strong risk-managed Investor Returns
David Cummings, CFP
Co-Founder, Avid Realty Partners