As most of you know, everything is very cyclical. The popularity and pricing of each asset class falls and rises more than is supported by the underlying asset’s cash flow. Therefore, if you are convinced of the best demographics undergirding the multifamily housing market’s long-term strength and you have been unwilling to overpay for the assets these past several years or unable to find some details at all, then you might be positioned perfectly to obtain multifamily assets in cooling off period, which seems to be materializing today.

Trends to Expect Once the Frenzy is Over

  • Expect Lags in Sellers Coming to Reality

A lot of multifamily owners were counting their chickens prior to hatching. People would be in denial when they realized they have missed the top because of holding on for the top of the market. Some expect to go to the market easily this 2018, expecting to acquire the bloated price they’re quoted by the brokers who are eager for the past several years.

In case of buyer community does not see things their way, several might have failed marketing campaigns in year 2018. Buyers and sellers won’t be getting together. If you are a buyer, that is the time you should be patient and never be manipulated by the cajoled or broker into paying the price last year.

  • Expect Resistance from the Investors

It is funny when most investor must be cautious and they are raring to go. Once they must be eager, they are pulling in reigns. Capital is pouring into the space of multifamily in the US and abroad for several years. As syndicator, some are happy for the interest in their investment class. To top it all, it hasn’t been the perfect time to purchase. The company has passed on the dozens of opportunities and was outbid on some more. You will have to show the investor partners why low prices mean greater values. Educate all of them on the cycles in the market why the times to purchase are when some buyers are wary as well as why it pays investing when the sellers are repaired to make deals.

  • If Trends Go South, Expect Some Opportunities to Purchase Distressed Assets

Never get your hopes up. Probably, there won’t be a lot of distressed opportunities in big scale commercial multifamily. However, once you know the right individuals and have the financing and cash at hand, you might be able to step into real bargain. But, before you get excited about it, realize that mortgage failure rates of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have been zero nationally since downturn. It reflects on the multifamily asset class safety and high standards of the 2 agencies.

The best thing to do is to watch the numbers. You have to try interpreting what is happening in the market and in the local market you track. You should also watch for opportunities to purchase if the market continues to soften. For others, they won’t change their management and buying strategy. Some won’t take any unnecessary risks as well as not investing in the markets with exaggerated depreciation and appreciation trends.