While many people prefer a small unit over a multifamily house, you can’t deny that such housing designs come with their own sense of comfort and ease!

Imagine, just one big spacious room for everything. Sounds tempting?! Let’s discuss it in detail


A multifamily usually consists of millennials or democrats. But in today’s world, the idea of a multifamily housing design is not much appealing to a lot of others than very few who actually favor a house with one place for everything. Personally, I think it’s a great idea, everybody stays in one place instead of hiding out in bedrooms. The sense of connectivity with one another is increased and a deep sense of familial connection is formed.

Multifamily Housing Design Trends

The trends of architecture along with everything else changes with time. The same goes for the housing designs. The trends are not much different just that people prefer stainless steel in their counters instead of the regular tiles. Or sometimes they want the wooden floor instead of the regular tiles or marble. Either some of the trends are described as following:

1. Simple and Elegant

The trends for this year are kept simple and elegant. No extravagant designs or shiny surfaces. Just plain simplicity and with them a touch of elegancy. No stuffy furniture, that floral couch you loved so much has got to go now and is to be replaced by something simple and preferably with no designs or in other words not much flash.

2. Soft Palettes

A palette of soft colors is very much in fashion nowadays. No more are the dark colors preferred or the deep dark walls that would make anyone intimidated. Now soft and nice colors are preferred which makes you feel calm and serene with yourself and your surroundings.

3. Traditional Instead of Modern

Yes, the era of traditional doings is back. I bet your grandparents are very happy now. The modern chic style is still loved by majority but the traditional is slowly taking its place. Nowadays people simply want to have peace instead of fake pretentiousness. And that simple peace and comfort is achieved dearly in traditional outlook.

4. Focusing on Small Details

For now, nobody will look for the huge attractions of your living room or kitchen rather they will appreciate the small details you made with your settings or your kitchen or the way you arranged your shelves etc. as already mentioned the showy and flashy stuff is long gone and is replaced by tranquility and a homey feeling.

5. Minimize Your Decors

Remove those extra crystal pieces or expensive pieces you took pride in once upon a time. Instead, keep the place empty or put just one object or a decoration piece. Don’t overdo it, keep it clean and simple. This simplicity as mentioned above is appreciated by everyone around nowadays. The interior decorators and architects themselves promote such ideas!

Now it’s your choice what you want to do: go with the professional’s advice or be different and create something of your own!