The time to act for MFU investors or anyone that is interested in becoming an MFU investor in Dallas or NYC is now. While it is true the cost of apartment buildings is on the rise, it is also true that the value is likely to continue to climb. If you are interested in diversifying your portfolio with a low risk, then Avid Realty Partners is the place you should be looking too.

Why Multi Family is Best?

Real estate has always been considered a strong investment which is especially true of multifamily properties. The math is simple. Multifamily equals multi income streams and when you have a management team that handles the day to day business, you have the nice sized returns without any of the headaches.

Why Limit Yourself?

Whether you are in Dallas or NYC why would limit yourself to the property that you can invest in? Avid Realty Partner looks for assets around the country that you can invest in as a partner. Avid Realty Partners allows you the freedom to invest in assets that have been thoroughly researched in markets that show a great deal of promise.

Avid Advantage

At Avid Realty Partners, we do all the due diligence. We research the markets that are the best value for the dollar and then we get to work. At Avid we:

  • Do the work to update properties to optimize rental income
  • Look at the per door value of the property before placing a bid
  • Always keeps an eye out for qualified investors and off market properties

To grow your wealth, you must think outside the box sometimes. If you are interested in growing your wealth with an MFU investment, please contact us!