Erik Rudin

Senior Vice President, MFU Operations

Erik Rudin, along with partner Craig Berger, purchased and run a 95-unit apartment building in St. Louis MO. The team has improved and renovated the property, repositioned this asset, and ramped cash flow while improving the living experience for more than 250 residents. Erik performs other operational duties for Avid Realty Partners, helping to manage property staff persons, assisting with marketing efforts, helping plan and executing renovations and others. Also, Erik has built a portfolio of high-end 2-family and 4-family properties in Clayton MO. He has primary operating responsibility for these assets, is improving and ramping cash flow, and working to reposition the properties as it makes sense.

Previously, Erik worked for six years as a mortgage broker. This gives Erik tremendous insight into the local St Louis real estate market including supply trends, demand trends, financing trends, and the amount of inventory on the market. Erik has a number of personal interests including playing golf, exercising at the gym, and taking trips with his fiancť. Also, Erik thoroughly enjoys University of Missouri football and was a former Mizzou Tigers football player himself.